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Crypto International was Founded in 2018 by the Swedish cybersecurity veteran and entrepeneur Andreas Linde. The new company bears the same brand name as the former Crypto AG, but with other owners, other management and a different stratgy and scope. Crypto International now bundles Swiss-Swedish innovation spirit and engineering proficiency to develop tailor-made and reliable solutions that protect critical assets of national importance.

Our comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio and encryption offering are designed to meet the increasingly complex cybersecurity needs of international customers.

We develop cybersecurity and encryption solutions to perfectly fit your needs and protect your critical assets of national importance.

Our capabilities

Top-level cybersecurity and encryption

The encryption of sensitive and / or classified information while it is being transmitted and stored forms an integral part of cybersecurity. Our capabilities offer you smart solutions both in cybersecurity and encryption.

To prevent an ICT infrastructure from cyberattacks and to keep up network health, it is essential to anticipate cybersecurity trends at an early stage. The fast identification of vulnerabilities, their prioritisation and the immediate response to security incidents are absolutely crucial.

Therefore, our experienced teams of engineers specialised in IT, project management, implementation and services will work out your cybersecurity and encryption solutions in close collaboration with your specialists.


Customer-specific and user-friendly

Today's security challenges faced by ICT infrastructures cannot be solved by technology alone. This is the reason why Crypto International focuses on a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

To successfully achieve the cybersecurity goals of an organisation, it is vital to take into account the dimensions of processes and people. In this context, technology supports and facilitates the defined processes, enables the control and monitoring of physical access to facilities as well as the encryption of classified information.

For every project phase, our engineering and services are packed with decades of cybersecurity experience and are tailored to the level of support you need.

We are your reliable partner
for cybersecurity and encryption.

Dialogue is key

True partnership through constant dialogue

We accompany you and share our wealth of experience and knowledge to understand local factors, analyse your situation and identify your specific challenges.

As your reliable partner, we advise and assist you in all cybersecurity and encryption matters and guide you competently through the highly complex and fast-moving world of cyber threats.


What cybersecurity challenges do you face and what requirements do you want your individual cybersecurity solution to meet?

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