Fax system

Even today, fax communication remains one of the most widely used means for sending documents quickly and efficiently. This technology is extremely simple, reliable and robust. It also has specific advantages: A fax document is egally binding for many applications and the signature is directly identifiable. Fax machines can be used to transmit any document, even those with complex characters, and the sender receives a confirmation that his message arrived. In addition, phone connections are still more widely available in many regions than data networks. For all these reasons, fax communication will continue to be indispensable for many user groups – consider foreign ministries, for example, with their embassy communication involving many documents bearing handwritten comments, signatures and stamps.

Of course, modern IP-based data communication has now taken over a large part of document transmission alongside fax transmission. For instance, fax documents can now be treated as e-mail components (fax over e-mail). Regardless of the technology, a core problem remains: fax communication is highly vulnerable to tapping by unauthorised parties. Only a cryptographically protected fax network can ensure that secret information and documents remain confidential. The Crypto Desktop Platform HC-9300 with the corresponding applications HA-4500 and FTE-4500 provides precisely this level of security.

The HC-9300 platform is a stylish desktop unit with user-friendly controls. A large colour TFT display is the user interface for the configuration parameters involved. The functions are easy to select on this screen and do not require the user to have any special technical or cryptographic knowledge. The housing is tamper-proof and emission-protected (COMPREM). Authorised personnel – typically the security manager or technicians – can view parameters and enter settings based on their access rights.

With the standard security application Fax-Encryption HA-4500, the traditional phone channel can also be encrypted, even under the more difficult conditions frequently found in today's globalised networks. This feature is no trivial matter with end-to-end analogue phone lines being so scarce nowadays. The analogue signal is very often converted to a digital signal in the backbone of the networks and also compressed in the process. Actions such as these greatly alter the behaviour of the transport channel. Satellite communication is often used as a backup connection (e.g. Inmarsat BGAN). Fax-Encryption HA-4500 therefore also works over satellite with highly specific characteristics andFax-Encryption HA-4500 is a security application that stands out precisely for this ability to handle heterogeneous networks and ensure fax transmission under any circumstances.

Along with original fax encryption, the system provides further cryptographic functions such as personal, secure mailboxes or document classification. Organisations working with classified documents can greatly simplify their handling of fax communication, ensuring no-compromise compliance with the regulations in their own security policy. Moreover, there is an integrated address book available throughout the network that makes it much easier to manage participants' numbers.

Fax over E-mail feature

The triple-play capabilities of modern IP links can now also be used for fax document communication (usually designated as fax over e-mail). The operating principle in the HC-9300 is that the fax data (in the document) is packed in encrypted form in an e-mail and sent over the IP channel like an e-mail. The HC-9300 receives the e-mail at the recipient's end, decrypts it and converts it back to a form which a fax machine can understand. This process does not alter the fundamental and advantageous characteristics of fax communication (e.g. legally binding nature, accurate depiction of the state of documents, recognisable signature and stamp). What does change substantially is the cost factor. With the fax over e-mail function, you can avoid a lot of phone expenses, because sending a fax as an e-mail costs practically nothing at all. The investment in the HC-9300 with the fax over e-mail would be paid back in no time at all at a foreign ministry, for example, with its enormous volume of international fax communication. Modern satellite communication systems also provide broadband services so satellite communication often serves as a backup connection (e.g. Inmarsat BGAN or Thuraya IP). This Fax over Email FTE-4500 option works perfectly over these highly specific systems.



  • With HC-9300, HA-4500 and other selectable options, users are assured secure, central access to analogue and digital communication channels as well as an array of security functions.
  • They are likewise protected by intelligent automatic features. The latter improve simplicity and efficiency, whilst ensuring security with designs that guarantee error avoidance.
  • In fact, they make the creation of designs such as these almost an absolute principle.
  • The mailboxes now available for fax communication likewise contribute greatly to making work methods more efficient. The central Security Management Centre SMC-1100 is PC-based and highly efficient in supporting the enforcement of an organisation's internal security policy in larger network topologies.
  • It allows all important configuration parameters and the status of every unit to be monitored and/or managed (in on-line or off-line mode).
  • This system lays the foundation for a powerful communication and security solution for controlling all details of protected communication in general and for protecting it from risks (refer also HC-9300: e-mail encryption, file encryption, voice encryption).
  • Thanks to this versatility, the system can be used in different scenarios and also support highly specific user needs.
  • Users enjoy excellent connectivity and a high level of system availability because they can utilise traditional phone channels (PSTN) as well as modern IP-based data networks, along with corresponding satellite connections.