File and Mail system

If you edit and save data on a PC or laptop, the standard procedure is to do so without encryption. This situation is dangerous because you can never actually rule out unauthorised access or a loss of your computer. It is equally dangerous for you to archive this data on USB sticks, CDs or external hard disk drives and to leave them lying around somewhere or take them along with you when travelling. And the potential danger is just as great when you e-mail information in data files unprotected over the Internet.

The bottom line: you must never allow confidential information to be left unprotected when not working directly with it. This requirement is easy to comply with today especially in an office environment. The Office Security Platform HC-9300 has the appropriate applications to ensure maximum information security in any work scenario.

File Encryption HA-6650

The universal Crypto Desktop HC-9300 is the central functional element of the system. If you connect a PC or laptop, you can reliably encrypt the files on it with the File Encryption HA-6650 application. Ultra-secure deposition of data and information on the internal hard disk drive is just a mouse click away. Instead of putting encrypted files on the internal hard disk drive, you can also save them on other data media, for example on a USB stick, an external hard disk drive or a CD/DVD. A highly efficient approach is to deposit the files on the file server of the organisation because there they are available to any duly authorised system user. If users want to examine or edit the data later, they can convert them back to plain text at the click of a mouse. The security procedure for users is quite simple.

Following authentication on the HC-9300, users can utilise the MFC-6650 graphical user interface (PC application included in the delivery) to open the browser with a click of their mouse and select the file they want to open or decrypt. After processing the plain-text file, users can return the file to the storage medium with the click of a mouse. When being returned, the file is automatically (compulsorily, as it were) encrypted (with the HA-6650 application in the Crypto Desktop HC-9300). This simple procedure virtually rules out any mistakes because users do not have to think about data security themselves. When "mobile workers" on the road are also entitled to read and edit data encrypted in this way, the small and cryptographically compatible Crypto Mobile Client HC-7835 is made available to them for this purpose. Files can then be alternately encrypted/decrypted with both units.

E-mail encryption as a form of protection on the Internet

E-mails – and attached files – are subject to even greater risk of misuse than files in "idle" mass memory, because they are completely unprotected the moment they enter the Internet. That means e-mails and files can be read by countless numbers of unauthorised parties unless the sender uses encryption. The system combination of HC-9300/HC-7835 performs this task elegantly with a single mouse click at the connected PC/laptop and does so with absolute reliability. Users can take encrypted files directly from the selected storage medium and attach them to an e-mail for secure transport. The authorised receiver can then open and edit the files at the click of a mouse.


  • The system provides end-to-end security for data
    files – for work in the office and on the road.
  • No data or information is accessible in plain text except to duly authorised users.
  • Files not being edited at a given time remain unreadable, regardless of the medium selected for their storage.
  • No special knowledge is needed and no additional expense is incurred.
  • The protective mechanisms are activated by mouse click and then run automatically. This approach is the easiest and most secure way to eliminate mistakes.
  • The familiar graphical user interface is also available on users' computers.
  • The entire system can also be implemented in a LAN environment. In this latter case, secure user authentication is crucial.
  • The system performs this task with reliable and user-friendly cryptographic mechanisms.