Secure data access

Secure access to data in these tight-knit networks is extremely important and requires flexible and adaptable solutions. All this is possible with the Crypto Mobile Client: plug and play – so easy, so convenient! In a VPN (Virtual Private Network), a virtual tunnel is built between two end points. A secure tunnel is created by placing encryption units at the end points. Each tunnel uses its own key.


IP VPN system

IP serves as the base technology for efficient, flexible global communication. Voice, fax, data and video can use the same IT infrastructure. However, that also means all applications are easy to attack and thus endangered.

Avoid this risk by installing uniform, compatible IP encryption for your entire stationary and mobile network topology. With Crypto Online Security Management you can work at all times in a controlled and secure manner whilst responding flexibly to changes.

Ambassadors, members of the government, senior civil servants, military leaders and managers are all on the road constantly or at least part of the time for their respective organisations. They could be going to an international conference or, in the case of military commanders, travelling to joint troop exercises with allied armies. To do their jobs, all these individuals must have access to the central infrastructure and the data of their organisations. The main work tool they use is a laptop. Apart from accessing data from a distance and saving it, mobile working also entails sending and receiving e-mails, conducting phone calls (using Voice over IP, for example) and taking part in video conferences, not to mention researching on the Internet.

Ad-hoc access to the Internet or other IP networks is available almost anywhere these days, for instance via WLAN hotspots in hotels, Ethernet interfaces in regional offices, satellite terminals outdoors or ADSL connections in private homes. With most applications today converging on IP, providers offer bandwidths enabling triple-play applications (voice, data, and video).


  • The interoperability in the IP VPN portfolio of Crypto International AG enables communication between individual clients and other permanent stations.
  • Performance is scalable. In other words, customers can choose the level of performance and the applications to suit their requirements.
  • The Crypto Mobile Client ensures excellent connectivity with its Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth interfaces and can also utilise satellite-based broadband services, for example. Our IP VPN is basically satellite capable.