Radio system

Radio communication will always remain state-of-the-art for voice, data, messaging or chat applications. No other mode of communication can guarantee connections over all distances without public infrastructure at almost any time. However, high-security, end-to-end encryption of sensitive information is a must for military or governmental organisations as protection against tapping in all operating modes.

Information superiority must be defended, just like any other strategic advantage. Command and control information requires absolute protection against tapping, especially in open radio networks. MultiCom Radio Encryption renders any radio infrastructure immune to all types of electronic attacks.

Integral parts of an encrypted radio system

MultiCom Radio Encryption HC-2650 is a universal encryption platform for stationary and mobile use. It can be connected to all common types of radio (HF, VHF, UHF, SatCom) and supports all common applications, in particular voice, VoIP, messaging, military messaging pursuant to STANAG 5066, chat mode and data-link applications. Users can load up to three algorithms. Online/offline management allows several parallel networks to be managed. Of course, HC-2650 is fully ruggedized and immune to electromagnetic interference, and it emits no compromising radiation.

The MultiCom HC-2605 terminal is a unique communication terminal with integrated encryption for end-to-end portable and mobile operational profiles. It is designed for use under the toughest conditions and has a keyboard, display, microphone, loudspeaker and its own power supply. Cryptographically, it is directly compatible with the voice and chat mode of HC-2650.

MultiCom Messenger is a convenient computer-based application for messaging and e-mailing with its own messenger radio gateway. It operates with the military protocol STANAG 5066, which serves as the basis for a number of other protocols (e.g. for ARQ and confirmations of receipt) and applications. This approach allows efficient voice and document-based communication over the same channels. There is a node for strategic and tactical joint operations command in the operations centre. Military messaging is an integral part of C4ISTAR systems.

The Security Management Centre SMC-1100 MultiCom Radio enables the cryptographic functions to be managed on-screen efficiently, securely and with quick response times – even in crisis situations. Users can securely distribute management commands in online and offline mode. Any organisational forms can be cryptographically depicted hierarchically and/or overlapping thanks to the multi-domain capability (i.e. who is able and allowed to conduct encrypted communication with whom). The effective user authorisation is also managed via SMC.


  • A typical customer-specific security solution is made up of numerous hardware and software components, individually combinable applications (for various modes of operation) and specific accessory components depending on the user scenario.
  • Customers may already have complex radio communication infrastructure with different generations and types of radios in place.
  • Crypto International AG provides services to help customers to resolve interface and integration problems of all kinds.
  • Crypto International AG can act as system integrator or general contractor.