Crypto Mobile HC-9100 Encryption Platform

Mobile phones are so practical. They allow you to be reached at any time and at any place. Voice communication and text messages have become as accepted a part of life as the air we breathe. With Crypto Mobile HC-9100, Crypto International AG has succeeded for the first time in integrating high-security encryption hardware on a Micro SD Card. Once you insert this card in your mobile phone, your phone calls are absolutely secure. The data on the card remains protected from all attempts to read it, thanks to tamper-proof hardware with protected memory.

Voice system

Mobile and stationary voice communication over IP is increasingly prevalent. IP is efficient and cheap but also known to be highly risky. As a uniform global standard, however, IP offers the chance of encrypting an application like voice uniformly and compatibly, in the conventional telephone network as well as the GSM mobile network or via satellite – even in WLANs.

Each VoIP network has a call manager, a central infrastructural element akin to a switchboard in the conventional telephone network. To ensure absolute security in this context, Crypto International AG developed its own Crypto Call Manager. Not only does this call manager hide the entire network structure and the connection procedures, it also transmits encrypted end-to-end calls between the individual users. And the Crypto Call Manager has yet another unique function: the "Red Enclave Gateway". With this function, it is possible in a protected area (e.g. DMZ) to forward a call to a simple VoIP user within the Red Enclave. The system supports stationary VoIP workplace phones and mobile phones that access the secure voice network via UMTS, EDGE or even a WLAN.

In this set-up, the VoIP phone is connected to a Crypto Desktop HC-9300, which does the encryption. The encryption in the mobile phones is carried out by a revolutionary hardware in the guise of a Micro SD Card: the Crypto Mobile HC-9100. These system components are the only ones needed to implement all possible combinations for secure end-to-end and end-to-gateway communication. Thanks to its unique design, the Crypto Voice System is also fully scalable. It can be introduced as a small system and gradually expanded to have global reach.



Crypto Call Manager

  • The Crypto Call Manager is a security application that can also be operated on the Crypto Desktop HC-9300.
  • For absolute security: Crypto Call Manager supports the encrypted establishment of a phone connection.
  • The Crypto Call Manager also supports WLANs and mobile networks. This makes the system attractively priced and ensures redundancy.
  • With the "Red Enclave" function, calls in protected office areas are rendered secure.
  • The application contains unique features such as integrated redundancy and load balancing.

Voice Encryption Mobile

  • Small, high-performance Micro SD Card with a security processor developed by Crypto International AG.
  • Simple and encrypted Flash memory.
  • Discrete encryption solution in off-the-shelf mobile phones.
  • Thanks to WiFi/Mobile satellite transmission is equally possible (i.e. Inmarsat BGAN orThuraya IP)

Voice Encryption Desktop

  • Attractive encryption platform with different applications for current and future office applications.
  • Suitable for the encryption of voice and fax connections, data encryption and data transmissions (e-mail), also via satellite.
  • Interfaces for phone, fax and Ethernet for PC and SIP phone.


Red Enclave Gateway

  • This security application runs on the Crypto Desktop HC-9300 protecting the conversation before leaving the high security zone.
  • Using a SIP trunk a Voice over IP VoiP connection is established to reach the existing switchboard.
  • VIP user are connected to the encrypted network by configurating the two elements of the system. A standard commercial SIP phone can be used as the terminal on the non-encrypted end.