Crypto SmartProtect – cyber defence at the highest level

The threat of cyberattacks is relentlessly increasing in the age of digital transformation. Due to cyber crime, authorities, organisations and companies are particularly vulnerable. Devices such as notebooks or PCs are the primary portal as they often have major security gaps – even in organisations with high security standards. Systematically operating groups with political, economic or subversive motives implant customised malware and extract sensitive information unnoticed – often for a long period of time. The conventional protection of workstations is ineffective against these types of targeted attacks. 

Crypto International's unique, high-security computing technology, Crypto SmartProtect, eliminates this security risk and guarantees the protection of stationary and mobile workstations against all types of cyberattacks.

Crypto SmartProtect – the unique technology for highly secure and convenient workstations

Information security

Highest Information Security for effective cyber defence

Cyberattacks increasingly focus on employee’s devices. However, sensitive information is extensively protected at all times:

  • The technology's hardware- and software-based security elements cannot be changed and protect against cyberattacks
  • The Crypto SmartProtect computing platform allows highly secure working in a networked and dynamic environment
  • The Crypto SmartProtect Security Module provides the security services and ensures protection of the security operating system Crypto SmartProtect OS
  • The Crypto SmartProtect OS allows for highly secure working in completely isolated user environments

Ease of use

Maximum ease of use and secure workstations

The technology supports standard operating systems, allowing you to work normally in your familiar user environment:

  • Standard operating systems such as Windows or Linux are supported
  • Multiple isolated user environments can be operated at the same time, allowing you to work in an efficient and flexible way
  • Access to various, completely separate networks is allowed without putting sensitive information at risk nor enabling cyberattacks
  • The integration of the computing platform into existing IT environments does not require any major changes to infrastructure


The smart computing platform

Crypto SmartProtect does not just make working with sensitive information highly secure, but also efficient and convenient. This combination is unique and is only possible because all the security elements of the technology are perfectly matched. Thanks to an impenetrable security barrier, users are protected against cyberattacks at all times and can concentrate on their work with confidence as well as without any concerns of becoming a target of cybercrime.

Learn how the Crypto SmartProtect technology allows you to work in a convenient and highly secure way.

Secure boot

Crypto SmartProtect carries out an extensive security test each time it is started. The start process will only continue if the test confirms the integrity of all of the hardware and software, meaning users can rely on a trustworthy computing platform.

Secure login

Users identify themselves via several different identification elements. Crypto SmartProtect authenticates and authorises users, allowing only authorised persons access to the secure workstation.

Disk encryption

All information on a Crypto SmartProtect computing platform is automatically and permanently encrypted, protecting information against cyberattacks in an extensive way at all times.

Familiar user environment

Crypto SmartProtect supports standard operating systems such as Windows and Linux. Users carry on using their usual environment and can work efficiently.


The user environments are embedded into isolated Compartments. Crypto SmartProtect can make different Compartments available at the same time so that multiple user environments can be op-erated simultaneously. This means that various, completely separate networks can be accessed without putting sensitive information at risk or enabling cyberattacks.

Stationary or mobile

Crypto SmartProtect can be deployed on stationary and mobile workstations and fulfils the highest requirements for Information Security and ease of use in every area – whether in civil society or the military.


Do you have to rely on a secure workstation?

Crypto International's SmartProtect can be deployed on stationary and mobile workstations and fulfils the highest requirements for Information Security and ease of use in a networked and dynamic working environment in every area – whether in civil society or the military.

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