Quantum computers: A threat to cryptographic systems?

Certain experts warn that quantum computers could become powerful enough to break today’s encryption systems and provoke a so called "cryptocalypse".In theory quantum computers will solve arithmetic problems many times faster than digital computers and may soon challenge the security of certain cryptographic systems. The good news is that Crypto has been using quantum-safe symmetric cryptography for many years!







Highlights and learnings from the RSA Conference 2019

The RSA conference is one of the world’s biggest IT security event held yearly since 1991.One of Crypto’s cybersecurity consultants attended in San Francisco the world’s biggest IT security event. Read his full report on new attack techniques and how to counter them.







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HC-8682 Link OTN (100G): Crypto's high-performance network security unit

HC-8682 LINK OTN (100G): Crypto's high performance security unit for all traffic of up to 100 Gbit/s with minimal latency.Applications such as real-time collaboration between different locations or extensive video surveillance and other sensors generate huge amounts of data, which need to be aggregated and transported to the network core and to backup data centres. To protect this mass of information from attackers, Crypto has a powerful solution.






Secure your data with HC-7825-200 and HC-7805-200

HC-7825-200 (left) and HC-7805-200 (right): the new members of the Crypto IP VPN family.Data must be transmitted in the most secure way and protected against hackers whether at company headquarters, in a data centre or a small office. The two new encryption units from the Crypto IP VPN family ensure that your information travels safely between locations.







"Our independence differentiates us from other providers"

Andreas Linde, Crypto’s owner and Executive Chairman of the Board, in his office.Andreas Linde, Crypto International's owner and Executive Chairman of the Board, shares with us his thoughts about the future and the new company's exciting jurney.

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