Crypto Mobile HC-9100

High-security encryption for mobile phones, all integrated in a microSD card

Crypto Desktop HC-9300

The ultimate encryption platform with high-security applications for voice, fax and files

Crypto Mobile Client HC-7835

Secure connections in public IP networks

Crypto HC-8644 IP VPN

 IP VPN encryption unit designed for large data transfers

Crypto Link HC-8682 100G

Highest security with maximum performance of 100 Gbit/s

IP VPN Encryption HC-7845 Gigabit Version

Secure broadband connections in public
IP networks

HC-7825-200 IP VPN

Secure broadband connections in public
IP networks

HC-7805-200 IP VPN

Enables absolutely secure virtual private networks

Rugged Network Encryption Platform HC-8224 100M

Encryption Platform for Ethernet and IP VPN Applications

Ethernet Encryption HC-8556 10G Multipoint

The world's fastest Ethernet encryption

Ethernet Encryption HC-8552 1G Multipoint

Universal protocol for encrypted LAN/MAN/WAN networks

Ethernet Encryption HC-8550 100M Multipoint

High-security system for protecting your sensitive information in the network

Link Encryption Ethernet HC-8555 10G

10 Gb/s encryption output for point-to-point connections

Link Encryption Ethernet HC-8551 1G

1 Gb/s encryption output for point-to-point connections

SONET/SDH Encryption HC-8546

For backbone networks with huge bandwidths up to 10 Gb/s

SONET/SDH Encryption HC-8544

High-security encryption for SONET/SDH at full wire speed

MultiCom Radio Encryption HC-2650

Universal encryption platform for the protection of all radio and military IP networks

Messenger for MultiCom Radio Encryption HC-2650

Secure messaging with standard e-mail graphical user interface over radio

MultiCom Radio Encryption HC-2605 Terminal

Secure voice and chat communication over radio all the way to the tactical level

PDH Encryption HC-8510 E1

Complete protection of data and information in a PDH-E1 application

Deployable Mobile Office

Compact SatCom solution for remote operation

Security Management Centre SMC-1100

Computer-based security management centre for all security and monitoring tasks

Crypto Management Suite CMS-1200

Comprehensive management of all configuration settings for Crypto products.

HC-7825 IP VPN

Secure broadband connections in public
IP networks


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