Deployable Mobile Office

The IT Office RT Comms-System DSSS-1021-xx from Crypto International AG is a compact and complete version of a mobile office. It is capable of connecting with central ICT infrastructure from practically any location and of using the services operating there.

The DSSS-1021 (Deployable Secure Satellite System) can employ the Internet as a transportation network in many ways and use remote access to connect with central ICT infrastructure. Besides accessing the Internet directly, it can also access it via a GSM/UMTS or satellite network.

Satellites are powerful means of communication and independent of local terrestrial infrastructure. Today they can even be used to establish broadband connections onto the Internet. Users can utilize remote access to connect with their headquarters whenever necessary by means of the small, built-in satellite terminal as well as make phone calls and use other IT applications anywhere they wish. Given these capabilities and the battery operation of the device, users are all the more independent of local infrastructure. In addition, satellite, GSM or Internet connections are among the most frequently tapped channels of communication. It is therefore essential to employ encryption for protection.



  • All components are packaged in an elegant yet robust carry case and already connected to each other.
  • For operation, the system only needs an Internet connection via any access point.
  • The Internet is accessed via satellite or terrestrial networks such as UMTS, WLAN Hotspot, etc.
  • After successful registration of the system, all applications are available.
  • The integrated rechargeable battery is an uninterruptible power supply that ensures autonomous operation for about three hours.
  • Encryption in a tamper-proof hardware module with customer-specific secret algorithm.
  • Crypto Mobile Client HC-7835 is compatible with all other IP VPN units from Crypto International AG.
  • A high level of local security is ensured by the encrypted storage of confidential data in the Crypto Mobile Client and the encryption of messages and files.
  • With this compact, flexible and secure mobile system, business travellers have a decentralised office infrastructure at their disposal, no matter where they are.



Secure voice connection over fixed and mobile networks in digital or analogue mode.

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Voice is the most original form of communication. Language consistency and speaker recognition are two central factors of voice applications, be they stationary or mobile, analogue or digital. Crypto Voice Encryption is a security solution to protect the confidentiality of your conversations without restricting your mobility or flexibility. It provides maximum security for telephony and HF radio.

File Encryption

Full protection for files, no matter how they are formatted.

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File Encryption

With Crypto File Encryption, files can be saved in encrypted form on the computer or another external data medium. The security procedure for users is quite simple. Following authentication, they can use the browser to encrypt the files or convert them back to plain text.

Mail encryption

Sending encrypted messages.

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Mail encryption

Crypto e-mail encryption is an application for sending encrypted messages. Users can take encrypted files directly from the selected storage medium and attach them to e-mails for secure transport.

Security Management

The Security Management enables the complete administration of the encryption units including their configuration parameters.


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Security Management

The encrypted management messages can be transferred to the Crypto units on-line or off-line. All sensitive data in the management database is stored encrypted. Monitoring of the encrypted network is provided with detailed status reports.


Continuity, precision, trust and independence


Crypto International AG has been a leader in information security for more than 60 years. The globally active Swiss company develops highly precise and individually adaptable security solutions and serves as a reliable partner to its customers. As a legally and financially independent entity, Crypto International AG guarantees its customers maximum control over their security systems.

Integrated expertise for exclusive security.


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