Crypto HC-8644 IP VPN

By using public access points or private network connections, you unintentionally transmit information beyond your own network topology to other networks. Your data and information are exposed to many uncontrollable information risks.

The Crypto IP VPN HC-8644 eliminates these risks and it is designed to operate as a real "broadband backbone encryption engine" in a triple-play environment (real-time voice / IP telephony, video and data). Your network will be capable of securing the high-volume data traffic over many types of networks in a transmission speed of 1 Gbit/s.

The Crypto IP VPN HC-8644 enables you to set up a personal, totally secure IP VPN, connecting point-to-point or star connections between headquarters and branch offices. It can be integrated directly into your IT infrastructure and transforms your network into a secure network, regardless of which LAN/WAN you use.


  • The powerful IP VPN encryption units are designed for large data transfers and for greatest availability
  • The Crypto IP VPN HC-8644 is backward-compatible with the other IP VPN units (HC-78x5) configurations between headquarters and offices or mobile clients – data is encrypted automatically in the background
  • Crypto IP VPN HC-8644 can be integrated directly into a secure VPN, regardless of which LAN / WAN is used
  • Highly secure, hardware-based encryption takes place with symmetric and secret algorithms profiled by the security manager
  • The remote management of the network and security functions guarantees the highest degree of availability and efficiency during implementation and operation


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