Crypto Link HC-8682 100G

The technology for transporting 100 Gbit/s over a single optical signal is mature and is deployed increasingly in backbones and data centre interconnections. The demand for such vast bandwidths is driven by applications like real-time collaboration, extensive video surveillance and other monitoring sensors which generate huge amounts of data.

To secure all that traffic Crypto International AG offers a high-performance network security unit for the 100G-technologies like OTN and Ethernet. With the Crypto Link HC-8682 100G your data is protected on an infrastructure level without influencing higher layer services and applications. Its comprehensive security architecture and the customer-specific algorithm ensure highest security and full autonomy.



  • Highly secure encryption for backbones and data centre interconnects with no influence on higher layer services and applications
  • 100 % performance and protection for all your valuable data sent over OTN OTU4 or 100G Ethernet networks
  • Hardware-based encryption with secret, customer-specific algorithm
  • Independency and full control of the algorithm due to the Customer-managed Parameter
  • Comprehensive, secure and intuitive management for central or on-site administration of keys and unit configuration
  • Comprehensive security architecture for highest security standards: the tamper-proof design and the elaborated red / black-separation ensure optimum information protection


Continuity, precision, trust and independence


Crypto International AG has been a leader in information security for more than 60 years. The globally active Swiss company develops highly precise and individually adaptable security solutions and serves as a reliable partner to its customers. As a legally and financially independent entity, Crypto International AG guarantees its customers maximum control over their security systems.

Integrated expertise for exclusive security.


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