Messenger for MultiCom Radio Encryption HC-2650

The MultiCom Messenger from Crypto International AG is adapted to accommodate the specific characteristics of radio communication. Based on the STANAG 5066 standard and teamed up with the MultiCom Radio Encryption Unit HC-2650, it can utilise HF and VHF/UHF radio connections for the secure transfer of e-mails (also other data as an option). Based on standard PC hardware, the MultiCom Messenger provides a platform for secure, mobile and robust information transmission for diplomatic services, emergency services as well as the navy, army, air force and other services.



  • Attractively priced HF messaging employing standardised e-mail tools and protocols.
  • Flexible user environment that is simple to operate and compatible with standard e-mail clients.
  • All-in-one solution for voice, data and messaging with the HC-2650 encryption unit.
  • Scalable, easy to configure and easy to expand.
  • Integration of further customer applications (or supplied by Crypto International AG) thanks to standardised access points in accordance with STANAG 5066.
  • Robust design for high availability in demanding HF and VHF/UHF communication environments.
  • Reliable and effective communication thanks to ARQ and/or broadcast protocols.
  • Optional MultiCom Messenger Gateway for the integration of radio messaging in regular e-mail networks.


Radio encryption

Secure radio communication has to take into account many different factors: Frequency range, bandwidth, form of operation and distance are the major ones.

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Radio encryption

Radio communication takes place today in a broad frequency range. The distances covered vary greatly, as do the technical forms of operation and the available bandwidths. Crypto International AG has a versatile application package for top-security radio communication that can be tailored to any use: analogue/digital radio, narrowband, wideband, HF/VHF/UHF, voice, data transmission, and much more.


  • Voice Narrowband Analogue: The high compression rate in the Vocoder ensures top voice quality with a data rate of 1.2 or 2.4 kbps.
  • Voice Wideband Analogue: The available bandwidth of the VHF/UHF radio is used to achieve excellent voice quality.
  • Voice Wideband Digital: This mode is employed in radios with frequency hopping enabled.
  • Voice Narrowband Digital: The high compression coding technology protects digital narrowband radio communication used in frequency hopping or in satellite links

Military messaging protected by high-security encryption.

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With the Crypto MultiCom Messenger, military messaging over radio channels becomes a secure means of communication that is easy to use. The system is based on the global communication protocol STANAG-5066, together with a standard e-mail program (client) installed on a PC or laptop. The Crypto MultiCom Messenger controls the sending of messages in a process specially tailored to the radio channel. The robust encryption on the HC-2650 MultiCom platform ensures the reliable and protected exchange of messages, even under the worst conditions. Encrypted voice connection and messaging can be combined with each other.


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