HC-7805-200 IP VPN

With LAN and WAN connections there is no guarantee that data and information transmitted over  the network remain confidential.

The easiest solution to this problem is with the HC-7805-200 IP VPN. This system enables you to set up your own absolutely secure IP virtual private network and to access your infrastructure securely. The same applies when using a nation-wide or international public WAN.



  • The highly secure, compact desktop VPN encryption units transform your communication network into a secure IP VPN.
  • Secure access to infrastructure is provided via any communication network (LAN/WAN accessible nation-wide or internationally) and enables working from any location.
  • The plug-and-play units are inserted between computer terminal and network connection with a cable connection.
  • All IP applications, such as IP telephony, data or video transmissions, are protected.
  • Symmetric secret algorithms profiled by the user are employed for the high-security, hardware-based encryption.
  • The network and security functions are managed from a PC which guarantees maximum availability and efficiency.
  • The HC-7805-200 IP VPN (50M) is compatible with all other IP VPN units from Crypto International AG.



High-security encryption of information being exchanged between two locations.

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IP VPN encryption encrypts all information being exchanged between two locations over public and private networks. The tunnel mode approach is used to ensure maximum confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the data.

IP encryption encrypts all types of communication such as e-mails, VoIP, data or video to the highest standards, thus rendering them unreadable in the network for unauthorised parties. IP VPN encryption is compatible with all IP encryption units up to a transmission rate of 1 Gbps.

Security Management

The Security Management enables the complete administration of the encryption units including their configuration parameters.


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Security Management

The encrypted management messages can be transferred to the Crypto units on-line or off-line. All sensitive data in the management database is stored encrypted. Monitoring of the encrypted network is provided with detailed status reports.


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